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Junior League Registrations are now OPEN for 2024

You can now register to play with the Devils for the 2024 Season.

Here is how to register

1. Head to
2. Search using your postcode, suburb or club name.
3. Browse the list of results or use the filter to narrow down your search.
4. Choose the club you wish to join and click Register.
5. Login with your NRL Account or create a new account. Any existing registration profiles from previous seasons which used the same email as your NRL Account will automatically link for your convenience.
6. Select the participant you wish to register or add a new participant.
7. Complete the registration form.

Register with the email address that is on your childs/children’s football profile.
When registering enter the postcode 2525 and select Western Suburbs JRLFC.
Follow the registration

Payment must be made at the time of registering by active kids voucher and credit/debit card.

Please be aware If you have not used your second active kids voucher for 2023 and you register before 31 December you are eligiable to use it, if you have used all 2020 vouchers then your next active kids voucher will not be available until January 2024.

Credit card is accepted

If you have any problems please contact Leann Andrews 0412 727 682
If you would like a clearance to the Junior Devils please contact Leann Andrews 0412 727 682